Friday, February 21, 2014

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Stress Management is Important Part of Mental Health

StressSymptomsWe all experience stress, and many of us have learned to live with fairly high levels of stress. But it is important to recognize that excessive stress, especially when chronic in nature, is associated with a number of health-related problems, emotional difficulties, and reduced quality of life. Effective stress management is an important part of positive mental health.

The American Psychological Association recently released this public service announcement about stress. It reminds us that working with a mental health professional to learn methods for better managing our stress can improve our health considerably.

At the Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic, we see a number of clients in the Hattiesburg area with stress-related difficulties. We find that many experience quick relief and improved mood from learning stress management skills. These skills often translate into improved performance across multiple domains (e.g., parenting and family relationships, academic and/or occupational settings).