Friday, September 30, 2016

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Updated Information on Visitor Parking

We recognize that parking on the University of Southern Mississippi campus can be a frustrating experience at times, and we want to make sure that visitors to campus have access to accurate information about where to park. The Department of Parking Management has made some changes to visitor parking that may impact clients of the Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic who are not affiliated with the university (i.e., persons who are not university students, staff, or faculty).

They are asking us to inform our community clients of the following changes:
  • The parking passes previously issued by our clinic (yellow hang tags) are no longer valid and will not be honored by parking enforcement officers.
  • Visitors should enter campus through the main Hardy Street entrance onto East Memorial Drive and stop at the Information Booth to obtain a visitor pass. 
  • A valid driver's license is now required to obtain a visitor pass.
  • A visitor pass will be allowed in all parking zones (i.e., Commuter, Resident, Faculty/Staff, Open) but not in the mandatory tow areas: Reserved areas (i.e., Trent Lott Center, Thad Cochran Center, first level of parking garage, Scianna Hall, Polymer and Lucas lots), service areas, no parking areas, sidewalks/grounds, fire lanes/hydrants and handicap curb cuts.
  • Visitors requiring handicap parking should be prepared to show a handicap placard or license plate registration at the Information Booth, and they will receive a handicap parking pass.
There are six visitor parking spaces conveniently located next to our building labeled "Psychology Clinic - Visitor Only." Clients who are not affiliated with the university and who have a visitor pass may park here. When these spaces are full, a visitor pass will permit the visitor to park in a variety of other locations (described above).

Additional information about visitor parking is available on the Department of Parking Management's website.