Friday, February 17, 2017

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Career Counseling in Hattiesburg

Most adults spend a significant portion of their daily lives at work. When one is satisfied with one's job, it can be extremely rewarding and provide an important source of meaning in one's life. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a career they enjoy. Moreover, it is not uncommon for our feelings about our job to change over time. It can be difficult to know what to do when we realize that we no longer like our job.

The idea of quitting may force us to confront financial uncertainty. How long would it take us to find another job? What would we do in the meantime? And perhaps most intimidating of all, who is to say we would like our next job any better than we like our current job? If you have ever felt "stuck" in a job you dislike, these concerns will probably be familiar.

How does one know when it is time to seriously consider the possibility of making a career change? Joe Wilner (Working Well) wrote a useful post about this very subject, sharing 8 signs that suggest one might want to consider a career change. If several of these signs apply to you, it might be wise to give some thought to making a career change.

Of course, just because someone decides to consider a career change does not mean that it will be easy to identify other options. Many of those who feel dissatisfied with their jobs are uncertain of what other possibilities exist or which ones they might enjoy more. This is where career counseling can be helpful.

The Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic provides a variety of career counseling services to persons in the Hattiesburg community. These services help clients learn about their options, determine how to match jobs with their interests and values, and improve career decision-making.

A number of brief questionnaires are often used at the beginning of the process to assist clients in learning about their career interests and values, job-relevant personality traits, and abilities. With this information, counselors can assist clients in identifying career options they might not have previously considered, gaining information about careers of interest, and determining whether alternatives might lead to greater satisfaction. Here is some additional information about what to expect from career counseling.

To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, call us at 601.266.4601.