Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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What to Expect From Therapy

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The decision to seek counseling or psychotherapy for the first time is rarely an easy one. Feelings of ambivalence are common, and the idea of confiding in a stranger can be intimidating. Having an accurate idea of what to expect is often helpful in reducing this sort of anxiety and empowering individuals to obtain the greatest benefit from the experience.

The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) has compiled some great information about what to expect from therapy (a .pdf version can be downloaded here). In addition to describing what therapy is and how it can be beneficial, they provide concise descriptions of many of the most common types of therapy.

At the Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic, most of our counselors utilize behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and/or humanistic therapies. But like the ABCT fact sheet suggests, most counselors are flexible in the sense that they do not rigidly follow only one approach. We encourage clients beginning counseling to talk with their counselors about the approaches they are likely to use.

To learn more about the personal counseling services offered at the Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic, visit our website or call 601.266.4601.